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Power One P10


  • Item Number : 02-001
  • Min. Order Quantity : 1 box
  • MRP : . 2200 / box
  • NIK Wholesale Price : . 1800 / box
  • Cash On Delivery
  • In Stock


  • Brand Name: Power one
  • Battery Type: Zinc Air
  • Battery size: 10
  • Quantity: 6 pieces in a battery strip and 10 strips in a box

Hearing aid batteries from power one come from a long tradition: “”Made in Germany””, they are among the world’s top-selling batteries. The reasons for their extraordinary success is: they combine the highest quality and reliability, an extremely long life and maximum comfort. At power one, every battery is tested before it leaves the works – 100%. The comfort packaging then receives a quality seal, which safely seals and protects it. The rustproof batteries themselves have an outstanding service life, especially where high power demands are concerned. Behind all this is a special, patented technology that enhances the cell voltage.”


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