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Pocket Hearing Aid


  • Item Number : 01-004
  • Min. Order Quantity : 10
  • MRP : Rs. 1500/ Unit
  • NIK Wholesale Price : Rs. 450/ Unit
  • Cash On Delivery
  • In Stock


A hot selling body worn hearing aid. A very good sound amplifier at an unbelievable price. Even today this pocket hearing aid stands to be the most preferred hearing aid amongst senior citizens. To talk about its features, its comfortable to wear in either ear, easy to operate, portable, light weight, adjustable volume control, chiseled design that fits into your pocket. The entire set comes packed in a hearing aid box with 3 ear tips and 1 hearing aid battery.

Quick Details:

  • Brand Name: JINGHAO
  • Model Number: JH-233


  • Battery size: AA
  • Max Sound Output: 130±5dB


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