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Item No Product Name MOQ
(Min.Order Qty)-in units
Nik Wholesale Price/ Unit (in Rupees) MRP/ Unit
(in Rupees)
Delivery Time
01-001Readymade CIC Hearing Aid10220050001 week*
01-002BTE Hearing Aid1045015001 week*
01-003Bluetooth Hearing Aid1045015001 week*
01-004Poket Hearing Aid1045015001 week*
02-001Power One P101 box(10 Strips)1080/Box2200/Box1 week*
02-002Power One P131 box(10 Strips)1080/Box2200/Box1 week*
02-003Power One P3121 box(10 Strips)1080/Box2200/Box1 week*
02-004Power One P6751 box(10 Strips)1080/Box2200/Box1 week*
03-001Hearing aid Tube with Tip(L)10012301 week*
03-002Hearing aid Tube with Tip(M)10012301 week*
03-003Hearing aid Tube with Tip(S)10012301 week*
03-004BTE Ear Tips(XL)1006151 week*
03-005BTE Ear Tips(L)1006151 week*
03-006BTE Ear Tips(M)1006151 week*
03-007BTE Ear Tips(S)1006151 week*
03-008Elbow1003.561 week*
03-009Ear Tip Adaptor1003.561 week*
03-010Open Dome 6mm20301001 week*
03-011Open Dome 9mm20301001 week*
03-012Open Dome 12mm20301001 week*
03-013PVC Tubing 3*25501001 week*
03-014Ready Made CIC Ear Tips (S)20601501 week*
03-015Ready Made CIC Ear Tips (M)20601501 week*
03-016Ready Made CIC Ear Tips (L)20601501 week*
03-017Pocket Model Ear Tips (S)1006151 week*
03-018Pocket Model Ear Tips (M)1006151 week*
03-019Pocket Model Ear Tips (L)1006151 week*
03-020Pocket Model Ear Tips (XL)1006151 week*
04-0012-Pin Cord (Beige)10012501 week*
04-0022-Pin Cord (Black)10015501 week*
04-0033-Pin Cord (Beige)10022751 week*
04-0043-Pin Cord (Black)10025851 week*
04-0052-Pin Y Cord (Beige)10018751 week*
04-0062-Pin Y Cord (Black)10022851 week*
04-0073-Pin Y Cord (Beige)100451001 week*
04-0083-Pin Y Cord (Black)100501101 week*
04-0092-Pin Bone Conductors1250040001 week*
04-0103-Pin Bone Conductors1350050001 week*
04-0112-Pin Receiver (Beige)25602001 week*
04-0122-Pin Receiver (Black)25602001 week*
04-0133-Pin Receiver (Beige)251503501 week*
04-0143-Pin Receiver (Black)251503501 week*
05-001Soft & Hard Earmould Tubing1008201 week*
05-002Hard Earmould Hook10016301 week*
05-003Gold Tube Lock10012351 week*
07-001Cerustop Wax Guards5 packs275 / pack450 / pack1 week*
07-002HF3 Wax Filter (Blue)5 packs350 / pack500 / pack1 week*
07-003HF3 Wax Filter (Red)5 packs350 / pack500 / pack1 week*
07-004Oticon No Wax5 packs250 / pack400 / pack1 week*
07-005C-GRID GREEN Wax Guard5 packs350 / pack 500 / pack1 week*
08-001Smart Cap10020401 week*
08-002Drying Tablet50701001 week*
08-003Dessicant101102001 week*
08-004Dry Aid-I101602501 week*
08-005Dry Aid-II25501001 week*
08-006Electronic Dry Box1060015001 week*
09-001Cleaning Cloth1007101 week*
09-002Air Puffer (plastic Tip)101001501 week*
09-003Air Puffer (metal Tip)101252001 week*
09-004Brush with magnet and loop100301001 week*
09-005Vent Cleaner100301001 week*
10-001Digital Battery Tester251101501 week*
10-002Keyring Battery Tester27701001 week*
11-001BTE Clip101352501 week*
11-002BTE jacket-I 13 BTE101753001 week*
11-003BTE jacket-II 675 BTE101753001 week*
12-012Stainless Tweezers51002001 week*
12-013Impression Extractor51502501 week*
13-001USB Hi-Pro524000450001 week*
13-002Hi-Pro 2535000550001 week*
13-003CS44 Programming Cable (Oticon)1250035001 week*
13-004CS44 Programming Cable (Phonak)1300040001 week*
14-001Professional Audiometer240000500001 week*
14-002TDH 39 Earphone sets17500100001 week*
14-003TDH 39 Earphones1300040001 week*
14-004TDH 39 Cushion23005001 week*
14-005B71 Bone conductor Headsets2600075001 week*
14-0062/3 Pin Bone Vibrator2600075001 week*
15-001Egger Impression Syringe560012001 week*
15-002Professional Otoscope2250040001 week*
15-003Economy Otoscope575015001 week*
15-004Pen Video Otoscope27500150001 week*
15-005Economy Earlight360010001 week*
15-006Foam Blocks L1005151 week*
15-007Foam Blocks M1005151 week*
15-008Foam Blocks S1005151 week*
15-009Foam Blocks XS1005151 week*
15-010Stethoclip (Binaural)3120025001 week*
16-001Silicone Ear Models (Left Ear)105007501 week*
16-002Silicone Ear Models (Right Ear)105007501 week*
16-003Ear Anatomy Display2400050001 week*
16-004Single Ear Model Display5105015001 week*
16-005Four Ear Model Display5250035001 week*
16-006Three Ears Model Display4140022001 week*
17-001Corded Silicon Ear Plugs10030501 week*
18-001Storage Case II101001501 week*
18-002Storage Case III101001501 week*
18-003Storage Pouch501201751 week*
18-004Presentation Case5260035001 week*
19-001Telephone Amplifier3140020001 week*
19-002Bluetooth Loop3350055001 week*

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